Hilda Baci Academy aims to shape Nigeria’s food future, announces 2024 classes

Hilda Baci, Nigeria’s cooking sensation and founder of My Food By Hilda, in her quest to grow the culinary industry and constantly refresh the recipes of chefs is set to start the first cooking class of 2024.

With over 160 recipes to be taught and imparted to the new students at the immersive sessions, Hilda Baci said her joy is to see more women become economically stable for the growth of the country as it has been proven that the more women into gainful employment, the better the society is.She rose to fame in 2023 with a record-breaking feat: the longest cooking marathon by an individual as attested to by the Guinness World Record (GWR). But Baci’s passion for food extends far beyond endurance tests. Through Hilda Baci Academy, she’s on a mission to empower Nigerians with culinary skills to shape the future of the country’s food scene.Recognizing the potential for growth in Nigeria’s culinary sector, she established the Hilda Baci Academy, which offers aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts the opportunity to learn from her experience and expertise.As usual with her classes where she empowers lucky students with items they can use to start, this year won’t be different as she said some lucky students will win a full scholarship to the prestigious Red Dish culinary institution, a $1,000 Amazon gift card, N1 million for 10 people, N5 million for one person, iPad, iPhones, and a MacBook.The academy’s curriculum focuses on equipping students with a comprehensive understanding of Nigerian cuisine. Students delve into a repertoire of over 160 recipes, mastering traditional dishes alongside contemporary culinary techniques. This focus on breadth ensures graduates are well-versed in the rich tapestry of Nigerian flavours.Baci’s vision extends beyond simply teaching recipes. The academy aims to cultivate well-rounded chefs who can navigate the complexities of the food industry. Students gain valuable insights into food business management, food safety practices, and presentation skills.This holistic approach equips graduates to not only cook delicious food but also build successful careers in the culinary world. The academy’s impact is already being felt.Graduates are finding employment in restaurants, starting their food businesses, and becoming ambassadors for Nigerian cuisine. Baci’s dedication to knowledge-sharing and empowerment is fostering a new generation of culinary talent, poised to elevate Nigeria’s food scene on the global stage.

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