Handing-over of Vocational tools to Women and Youth in Wesere

On 12th June 2023, deliberate attention shifted to taking 12 persons out of poverty in Wesere where vocational equipment to start up economic engagement handed-over to beneficiaries. ActionAid Nigeria through community sponsorship programme fully funded the program and facilitated by partner organization HUFFPED.

The handing-over ceremony had in attendance the Chairman of the local council represented by the Secretary to the LG, counsellor, community heads, project team  (AAN/HUFFPED), and the community residents.The programme officer, Keinde Adebowale stated that the purpose for which the beneficiaries equipped beyond mere support provision. It was a deliberate effort to take residents out of poverty. List of items handed-over were:

  • 1 power generator set, 1 hand dryer machine and wash basin handed-over to *2 hairdressers each1 cutting machine and filling machine handed-over to *2 tillers eachMilling machine and drilling machine handed-over to *1 aluminium workerInstant photo printing machine handed-over to *1 computer operatorA bag filled with painting tool and over-all wear handed-over to *1 painterFull set of 4 sewing machine handed-over to *4 tailorsFull set of 1 sewing machine handed-over to *1 shoe cobbler
  • The SLG to the chairman highlighted some of the LRP key interventions with commendations, reassured implementing partners of the LG’s commitment to attend to community needs. Congratulation to you beneficiaries, saying with prove that AAN has done greatly than the government. We can not afford to let the project down considering the good deeds; we are only hoping that this is extended to other vulnerable communities in Badagry west. Unarguably, LRP is real and the government has not reason to doubt the project.Mr. Adebowale (PO) is an asset, his carries AAN image. He would not let even the Chairman rest, no one could sleep with the eye closed, reminding us to represent our people well. Sincerely, community demands are still on the chairman’s table. I, however charged the beneficiaries to put a good use to the tools received because even the government since I was born has never done as much AAN has been doing to Wesere and Aivoji. The government will always remain grateful for your real act of kindness’’ Hon. Joseph Godonu said.Bernard Ibelih (AAN communications sponsorship advisor) lightened up the component of the community sponsorship initiative with emphasis on sensitizing individual to inculcate giving as a real act of humanity all of us must  practiceAdenigba Henry (ED programmes, HUFFPED) admonished beneficiaries to ensure they remain committed to the daily struggles, ensure they are able to turn the tools received to many. He praised all the contributors, and hoped for a better society with zero poverty. Yes, it is doable and remain committed to see wesere community free of poverty

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