Gift Of The Givers Urges Africa To Support SA At ICJ

A non-governmental organisation, theGift of the Givers has called on Africans to impress it on their governments to support South Africa’s case at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against Israel over the war on Gaza.

Founder of the NGO, Imtiaz Soolimans said in a statement over the weekend that the continent must stand on the right side of history or risk being bullied the way the Palestinians have been for 75 years.

The statement said, “During the Gulf War in 1991 there was much talk of a New World Order. Africa, you are that New World Order, get out of your bondage mentality, be brave, speak out and do the right thing not only for Palestine but for your own development,” he said.

“’Barakah’, blessings unlimited will envelope your nation and our continent when the prayer of the oppressed reaches the Almighty. Stand up boldly for an African initiative at the ICJ. This is a proud moment where Africa leads the way against genocide, ethnic cleansing, injustice, oppression, collective punishment, war crimes, crimes against humanity and Western arrogance.

“The dignity of Africa lies in our own hands, where our voices, our buying power, our collective economic and diplomatic strength can take centre stage and earn world respect.

“This is a once in a lifetime shot at the title to free us from our own mental slavery, to free us from ‘the begging bowl’ narrative where we unapologetically take control of our resources to be managed by us in our own interest.

“We, as a continent, have to pursue the path of values and ethics, to be in integrity so that we lead by example and our voices are not hollow hypocritical sounds.”

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