FUTA Graduate Establishes NGO to Aid Indigent Patients

Graduate of the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA), David Belele, is making a significant impact in Nigeria’s healthcare sector through his Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), the Gifting Volunteer Network. The organization, established in 2019, is dedicated to providing financial assistance for indigent patients struggling with medical bills. Drawing from Belele’s personal experience and empathy for those who cannot afford medical care, the NGO has swiftly risen as a beacon of hope for many.

Origin of The Gifting Volunteer Network

The inspiration behind the Gifting Volunteer Network stems from Belele’s own personal experience. During his final year at FUTA, Belele was diagnosed with an inflamed appendix. Faced with the burden of an expensive treatment at a private hospital, it was the financial support he received from his university that enabled him to get the necessary medical attention. This act of kindness and the realization of the financial barriers that many face in accessing healthcare prompted Belele to establish the Gifting Volunteer Network.

Impact and Operations

Since its inception, the Gifting Volunteer Network has successfully assisted over ten individuals, providing medical aid for cases ranging from cancer and kidney problems to heart conditions. The organization currently has over 20 cases awaiting assistance. Belele’s NGO selects its beneficiaries through referrals and hospital visitations, reflecting its commitment to directly engage with those it seeks to help.

Funding and Authenticity

Operating solely on public donations, the Gifting Volunteer Network is deeply committed to transparency and accountability. To thwart potential fraud, Belele’s NGO verifies medical reports either personally or through representatives, particularly for cases outside Lagos. This rigorous verification process underscores the organization’s dedication to authenticity, ensuring the funds raised are channeled to genuine cases. Operating on a non-profit basis, the Gifting Volunteer Network places primacy on the impact on people’s lives over financial gain, embodying the true spirit of humanitarianism.

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