Foundation honors the Abuja community over the holiday season

The Hope Raiser Global Foundation has sent food supplies to a community in the Guzape district of the Federal Capital Territory in an effort to reduce hunger and poverty there.

The difficult-to-reach community, perched atop a mountain in a posh neighborhood of Abuja, has survived for decades without much help from the government or well-meaning Nigerians.

Nonetheless, the organization, whose goals include combating hunger and poverty and whose core values are DEED—an acronym for Discover, Educate, Empower, Deploy—reached out to the local population by providing food products like spaghetti, rice, and groundnut oil, among other things.

During the outreach, Amb (Mrs.) Angonimi David-Imeh, CEO of Hope Raisers Global Foundation, said that the community had been found to make the settlers happy by a number of their partners, including Onome Food Market, CHATS (Convexity Humanitarian Aid Transfer Solutions), and The Joyce Daniels Organization.

“It was an amazing voyage but a valuable experience as we ultimately got to interact with and provide for people in a place far away from reality,” the speaker remarked.

According to David-Imeh, the gesture is in keeping with the present economic crisis, which has caused widespread poverty and had a negative effect on less privileged and underserved communities as well as internally displaced people.

According to statistics, even typical earners are now competing with those with extremely low incomes or non-earners, such as displaced people, and have dropped below the poverty line.

The effort, according to the foundation’s CEO, was to honor our “A Christmas With Hope” Yuletide Outreach in 2023. An effort that claimed to have reached roughly 320 homes used technology to deliver food items to a targeted number of households.

A community member named Mrs. Joy Gift expressed her happiness, beaming, and said that this was the first time she had ever received such a gesture. “This is a pleasant surprise. Please remember to come back and visit us again,” she remarked.

Nevertheless, community member Ahmed Yisah bemoaned the fact that, as a mountain village, they do not have access to portable water because their sole water supply has been tainted.

However, he made a plea to agencies, companies, partners, kindhearted individuals, and philanthropists to come to their aid by ensuring the health of our people in this particular region.


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