#ENDSARS AFTERMATH: Africa CTDF, NGOs, CSOs on reconciliatory visit to affected states

A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), the African Children Talent Discovery Foundation (ACTDF) in Collaboration with Nigerians In Diaspora Mentoring Corp NidMeCorp. and other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) has started It’s Nationwide Reconciliatory visits to troubled states as a result of the recent civil unrest which was a fallout from the #endsars protest nationwide that led to the loss of lives and properties in some part of the country.

In their visit to Lagos state which is the first point of call due to the Lekki Tollgate incidents, The group met with various groups to find a lasting solution to the issues that were played up as aftermath of the #Endsars protest.

The group which started with the entertainment industry had meetings with different stakeholders in the industry focusing on social media influencers where views and opinion on how best to resolve the current situation and to create a lasting solution and relationship between the government and the citizens led by the youths across the country were extensively discussed.

The discussions continue today in Lagos despite the challenges of roadblocks and heavy traffic in the state The initiators also met with faith leaders and visited places of interest to the #ENDSARS protest. At Lekki toll gate, The group saw first hand the damaged gates and also spoke to few security personnel at the place.

Founder, ACTDF Engr. Noah Dallaji Speaking to Newsmen said, “for the sake of our dear nation and collective wellbeing and to avoid further damage to lives and property, we, as an independent NGO, embarked on this physical visitation to the various affected places, interact with our fellow citizens who are adversely affected by the crisis. We need to be better informed beyond the reported cases.
” This is basically a humanitarian endeavour and is in line with our founding vision, which will also help us to meet witnesses and hear from them, what they saw, experienced and conversed with available stakeholders to learn from them which we will share with the relevant authorities. ”

We are persuaded to speak now as a public-spirited organization to call for an end to further destructive actions by the youths.

” We urgently want them to embrace peace towards true healing of the wounds and national reconciliation. ” As a non-governmental organization (NGO), the African Children Talent Discovery Foundation (ACTDF) is very much concerned about the spate and extent of the recent destructions with threats to national peace, cohesion and stability ”
We are, therefore, speaking as genuine patriots with a track record of service to humanity to urgently intervene as independent body routing for national reconciliation because we can no longer afford further negative actions threatening disintegration, chaos and breakdown of law and order in the country.”

Engr. Dallaji stated further that the situation as it now transcends the call for action, implementation, monitoring team to make sure the deliverables and or promises are implemented.
”We reiterate that the voices of our youths have been heard loud and clear as President Muhammadu Buhari stated in his national address and we urge that a genuine healing and national reconciliation take a position now without further delay.” added Engr Dallaji. Speaking further, the Mentoring Commandant of Nigerians in Diaspora Mentoring Corp, MC Alistair Soyode, said, ”we joined and contributed to this initiative as partners for development and want to see all stakeholders, law-abiding and decent citizens of Nigeria keying into it.

We only have Nigeria, bless with diverse resources and only us can salvage and make it peaceful for all, habitable and productive ” .
The meetings were classified profitable, a big learning curve and an outcome both sides if known and available can work with for the benefit of our great country. Other Civil Societies on the initiative includes International Mentoring Corp and ME Foundation.

Source : Vanguard News

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