Efficiently run schools are the best performing schools

d6, a company that provides management and communication solutions for schools, has found that in the best-performing schools, teaching and learning are prioritised, and teaching time is more effectively employed. “Typically, high-performing schools do nothing out of the ordinary – they do the basics well and allow their teaching staff to fully focus on learning while ensuring the managerial foundation is well looked after,” says Willem Kitshoff, CEO of d6.

d6 currently helps more than 2500 schools across Africa to operate more effectively and it has a core strategic focus to expand its school management system to the East African market.

As one example, Kitshoff explains how its technology reduces time wastage, duplication of work, and human error which occurs when manual interventions and non-integrated platforms are implemented. The systems and processes used in the management and communication solutions aim to help staff members to work more efficiently.

He adds, “This is based on research that quality education is best delivered on the back of a well-organised and managed school. Having access to integrated school management and communication platforms will inevitably enhance the way your school operates- ensuring that school staff can focus on their main priorities”.

The d6 product ecosystem contains a Schools Communication platform enabling parents with real-time access to all school and learner-related matters. For the East African market, this ecosystem will be supplemented by the following additional solutions:

SAMS (School Administration Management System) empowers the business of the school, enabling key role-players to work more efficiently, allowing the school educators to focus on their learners and their educational journey.    a Programmatic media solution whereby the system provides a valuable advertising platform to enterprises and media agencies, by providing them with exposure to parents in a variety of geographical regions.

“Our platforms are based on our experience in South Africa, and we are intensively researching other African countries, with the early feedback being that the similar conditions apply in the broader African regions,” says Kitshoff.

d6 Provides communication solutions to the market that are affordably priced making the products more accessible to the public than other available school communication solutions, explains Kitshoff.

Distributed by African Media Agency (AMA) on behalf of d6 Group .

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