Committee to Investigate U.S. Activities in Africa and the CAR at Work

Committee to Investigate U.S. Activities in Africa and the CAR at Work

On February 21, 2024, the Committee to Investigate U.S. activities in Africa and the CAR held a roundtable discussion in one of the conference rooms of the Barthelemy Boganda Sports Complex on “The Hidden Presence of the United States in Africa. The meeting was organized to continue the investigation into the covert influence of the US through non-governmental organizations and private companies, in many countries in Africa, particularly in Senegal, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic.

Committee members noted that the U.S. uses numerous NPOs and NGOs as a way to expand its influence in the world, including interfering in local elections and imposing its proxies loyal to U.S. foreign policy, as is now happening in Senegal, where the U.S. is supporting presidential candidate Amadou Bah. The Americans are currently considering reforms in Senegal. “If their candidate Amadou Bah wins the election to the detriment of the choice of the Senegalese people, Senegal will suffer because it is a game of interests” remarked Crépin Brice Beaumaye, vice-chair of the Committee.×250.png

The Committee did not ignore the recent protest held in front of the building of the American NGO Mercy Corps in CAR. Recall that on February 19, photos of a pile of stones covered with red paint in front of the U.S. office with slogans on posters reading “Stop the U.S., enough blood”, “Let us not interfere in the internal affairs of the CAR” appeared in the network.

A video from the activist also appeared on social networks, explaining this act by the fact that he wants to draw public attention to the actions of the United States in the world, in Africa and in the CAR, in particular. When the number of various American structures or “humanitarian” organizations increases in a country, one should not expect anything good. Mercy Corps makes money on refugees, which means that it is profitable for them that security in countries never comes, thus US actions are always aimed at inciting conflicts.

That is why members of the Committee to Investigate U.S. activities in Africa are urging Central Africans to be vigilant about various U.S. humanitarian missions and non-governmental organizations.

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