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Our mission is to ensure the total empowerment of citizens to have self-esteem to actualize their rights in all spheres of society and thus become agents of change on their own behalf with a view to attaining the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Organizational Expertise

Adoption / Behavior Change, Capacity Building, Gender / Womens Empowerment, Health, Monitoring and Evaluation

Technologies & Fuels

Charcoal, Solar, Wood

Clean Cooking Activities

As an organization that supports small and medium enterprise development, we have been able to build the capacity of a number of entrepreneurs who are located at different parts of the country and in neighboring countries, including Niger who are running their own businesses instead of seeking for employment. A good number of these entrepreneurs are into consumer product business, which is the most common kind of business in Nigeria. We build their capacity on managing and growing their businesses in terms of business planning like good record keeping, organizational structure, marketing strategies, and sales forecast etc.

We work with Envirofit which is a global social enterprise that innovates smart clean cookstoves that enable families to live smarter and save money, while reducing climate change, increasing clean energy initiatives, and creating new economic opportunities. Environfit designs and manufactures high-quality, low-cost cooking solutions that save money and cook faster and works with governments, businesses, and NGOs to making smarter cooking accessible to more people. We would want to drive brand awareness and to generate a high level of demand for cookstoves and their accessories within the Nigerian market at the lowest possible cost per unit by building the business capacity of some selected women and forming them into local networks or cooperatives.


We would like to partner with Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves to empower women energy entrepreneurs by increasing their access to much-needed clean cookstoves and fuels within their communities. We will contribute by implementing a project that will build the business capacity of some selected women energy entrepreneurs so they will be able to distribute clean cookstoves in their local communities.

Regions Operating In

Sub-Saharan Africa

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