Civic Organisations Denounce Motsoaledi’s Attack On Helen Suzman Foundation

National civic organisations have condemned the biting comments made by Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi about the Helen Suzman Foundation. The comments came after the foundation opened a case against the department for not extending the Zimbabwean Exemption Permit.

Six South African civic organisations have condemned a scathing statement by the Minister of Home Affairs, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, about the Helen Suzman Foundation (HSF) filing a court case challenging the department’s decision to not extend the Zimbabwean Exemption Permit (ZEP).

The civic organisations that rallied behind the HSF and condemned the minister’s statement, which was peppered with insults against HSF and NGOs, include Freedom Under Law, Defend Our Democracy, the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, SECTION27, Socio-Economic Rights Institute and Corruption Watch.

The organisations said the minister’s unjustified and outrageous statement vilified the HSF and questioned its validity, integrity and patriotism, accused the foundation of racism and treachery, while smearing the NGO community.

“It would be wrong for us to express any opinion on the merits of the HSF case, but it is both grossly improper and unconstitutional for the minister to insult, threaten and attempt to intimidate the HSF. In our country, court cases are determined on their merits in duly…

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