Children’s Fate Cameroon mourns loss of Baby Chani

Cameroon: Children’s Fate, a non-profit organization based in Cameroon, shared the devastating news of the passing of one of the children under their care. The organization took the initiative to celebrate the life of Baby Chani in a heartfelt post.

The organization conveyed their sadness on the passing of the child and shared her story. The Cameroon-based Non-Profit Organization shared that her journey was an inspiration to the organization.

“from the medical error to the brain surgery and until her last moments on earth, has always been the inspiration of our organization.´

Baby Chani came to the NGO after some doctor made a medical error in her treatment and needed. The organization provided the critical treatment that she needed. They shared that we have seen many similar cases and families in pain just like us.

“We have decided to use this painful experience to create a positive impact in the lives of children in Cameroon.” Claimed the organization.

Chikdren’s Fate added in the post that even though baby Chani is no longer with us, her legacy (Children’s Fate) still lives on. We hope to take this legacy to another levelby helping more vulnerable and sick children.

The rehabilitation centre (Luc Menorah) where she was recently receiving treatment has over 180 more children with severe health problems. The organization has implored people of goodwill to join in donating to this centre for the treatment of other children.

The donors can either reach out to us for guidance or visit the hospital in Bamenda if they are in Cameroon.

It is very painful and hurts so much, but we want to create a positive impact using what we cannot change!

Chani is now a saint, an Angel beside God. She has fulfilled her purpose on earth, let’s help her to take it further.

The organization takes in children and youngsters from vulnerable and conflict affected families with the aim to give them a better life. The organization has over 200 children who are receiving treatment and care under the wing of the NGO.

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