Our objective is to ensure that all girls and boys are protected from violence and abuse and access quality education.

SAFER’s approach to Child Protection is from both a legal and moral perspective. It is firmly based on the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). The CRC provides a comprehensive framework for the protection, provision and participation of all children without discrimination to ensure their survival and development to the maximum extent possible. From a moral perspective, SAFER believes that as an organization working for children’s rights, it has an absolute duty to protect this already vulnerable group from abuse, mistreatment, and exploitation by:

  • Creating an environment where issues of child protection are discussed openly and are understood among all stakeholders,
  • Enabling children’s participation and empowering them to become actors in their own protection, and
  • Challenging complacency: Resistance to addressing child protection issues which sometimes is a result of lack of understanding of the nature of child abuse, lack of commitment towards child protection.

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