CEO DD’s skills acquisition

Wrote by Ambassador Aisha Muhammad Habib CEO DD’s skills acquisition 07/09/2022.

DD’s Skills, we belive that women should not be competing with men as the two are not made to compete but to complement each other.

However, we are advocating against marginalizing of women especially at the rural areas. DD’s is pushing the demand that women should be allowed to operate in an equal environment with Men.

Empowerment to a woman is an empowerment of a nation. Based on this, we disagree strongly with the marginalization of women and unequal distribution of wealth against women in our State and country. DD’s is of the opinion that women are very good in everything they are doing, hence cultural, religios and legal barrier should be removed to enable will freely use their skills and potentials to affect the world.

The man should not thrown the woman out of the home simply because he sees her as subordinate which most men literary interpret to be slavery.

The women should be skillfully empowered so that her skills will make economic independent which earn her respect from the husband and Parent
Women are the famers, they are the petty traders.

Women are wives and as well mothers. An empowerment to a woman should be the primary step in advocate for gender equality. A woman can be president and hold other powerful political positions in their country.

A woman should not be prohibited from taking such task that her male counterperts is taking. They are not competing but exist to complement each other. DD’s skills is strongly advocating for an enabling ground to allow women use their skills to impact their world.

Especially the young and unemployed women.

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  1. A poor man’s wife needs to hustle so she can also help, a wife whose husband doesn’t take good care of her financial need also needs empowerment, but i still believe a real man empower’s his wife with all she needs and more because 75% of raising a good child depends and the wife and if she becomes too busy looking for money, the society will raise the child for you.

    So i am neither against empowering women nor fully supporting it because it all depends on the condition.

  2. Excellent your doing a wonderful job my sister keep on may almighty Allah guide nd protect uhh success is my wish to uhh.

  3. Second to the last paragraph I totally disagree with the statement made that a woman can be President or any political positions. Because Allah SWT has already made it clear to us that it is a prohibition, a woman cannot ruled a men. The men are stronger than a women. Surah 4: verse 34 in the Holy Qur’an. Forgive me

  4. Empowering women is essential to the health and social development of families, communities and countries. When women are living safe, fulfilled and productive lives, they can reach their full potential. contributing their skills to the workforce and can raise happier and healthier children.

  5. Congratulations, CEO, DD’s Skill. We are proud of you. Imparting knowledge and skills on women for self-reliant and productive society.

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