Bridge Africa Foundation

Bridge Africa Foundation (B.A.F) believes in the power of education to secure a better future for Africa. Education is a one shot, if not done properly, will result in a shortage skilled innovative leaders to lead, our infrastructure and drive our economic and political stability.

Africa has a strong cultural belief in education, and a has seen a surge in new schools. Educators of both new and older schools, share the understanding that, access to education gives a child a shot and an opportunity in life. Some of these schools, re-investment their funds in the effort to sustain a quality standard of education in their curriculum, in spite of the increasing challenge of getting access to quality teaching resources and tools or continuous development training. For the best of their resources. At B.A.F, we would be humbled to support those establishment or schools in the business of education, by giving direction to teaching tools and continuous training for teachers and educational leaders. We share the goal of attaining a sustainable quality of education for children.


Our Goals

You cannot withhold an African child with a poorer quality of education from becoming one of tomorrow’s leaders, or be a mover or shaker. Without the community’s assistance in properly equipping them, and turning a blind eye, we fail to see the direct visible impact on others.

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