BOWDI turns 8 this year. It is a significant milestone that we have achieved as a national non-profit, non-governmental organization with a mission to promote social justice for women/girls and boys, to produce a poverty free environment by providing access to education for children and empowering women, by mitigating and preventing Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Nigeria.

Over the 8 years, BOWDI was able to reach 1.4 million direct and indirect beneficiaries under its protection project, 184,324 vulnerable families were supported with food assistance, 30,680 children and pregnant and lactating mothers supported with nutrition supplement, 3,000 out of school girls were enrolled back to formal school, and 13,883 women empowered under different women economic empowerment projects.

Additionally, BOWDI engaged youth and women on Countering Violent Extremism for improved peacebuilding process and engaging women and youths to fully participate in peace processes. All these were achieved within the 8 years of operations in Northeast Nigeria

From the recent OCHA sitrep report that revealed Over 4.1 million people projected to face alarming levels of food insecurity across BAY states. There’s need to address the gap in the food and nutrition needs especially in the coming months leading up to the lean season. There is already a rising increase in SAM cases over the months especially in Borno State and that is because of the recent suspension of CMAM services due to funding shortages. Prioritization in addressing these challenges and other pressing challenging around the protection of women and girls is paramount and is the same as addressing some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

As the years for achieving the agenda 2030 is coming closer, BOWDI fits into the various state strategic documents available like the Borno state 25 years development plan. Thereby analyzing and acting through localization and ensuring the grassroot populations are part in achieving the SDGs. Through digitalization, BOWDI works in supporting women and other vulnerable population with the technical digital skills they need to support their business and improve on their livelihood.

To this note, we would like to appreciate our employees, old and new for the valuable effort and contributions. It is this working strength and union that enable us stand together and achieve all of these. We would also like to thank all the stakeholders that have supported and participated on our programs in one way or the other.

While appreciating our donors and partners for the long-time support and partnership opportunities. We would also like to proclaim our readiness to other partners across the globe to support the cause and the mission of this initiative.


Mr. Umar Grema
Executive Director
Borno Women Development Initiative (BOWDI)


  1. Aishatu Mohammed Zarami

    I have worked in different international organisations but BOWDI is the best team to work with.. Wish BOWDI many more years of celebration and I pray and hope will work with them soon

  2. From what i experienced during my working year with BOWDI,i am a living testimony that BOWDI has done well in providing touching the lives of many people which includes work related,food interventions,malnutrition supplements,skills acquisition among others and verily the smiles on the faces of those targeted can confirm that,i pray that BOWDI will go to greater heights and InshaAllah gain international recognition soon.

  3. Indeed BOWDI as an organization has really served and immensely make an impact to humanity.
    This is achieved due to the good leadership, mentoring and coaching from the executives.
    Am so glad to be part of BOWDI team.
    I pray that the organization surpass to a greater level through having more projects and be uplifted to be implementing Internationally.


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