On March 15th, 2024, the Awingo team embarked on a familiarization visit to Mr. Lugard Okonobo at the Nigwed project, overseen by the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs, located at the Federal Secretariat in Abuja. Mrs. Olawumi Heavens provided a comprehensive briefing to Mr. Lugard on the purpose behind the visit, while Winnifred Oji succinctly reiterated the mission of Africa Women in NGO (AWINGO), extending warm greetings from the National President. In response, Mr. Lugard expressed his satisfaction with the visit and eagerness to collaborate with Awingo on their humanitarian endeavors.

Additionally, Mr. Samaila Vangawa conveyed gratitude to the Nigwed management for their hospitality, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in advancing shared goals. The visit served as a pivotal moment for fostering cooperation between Awingo and the Nigwed project, highlighting the mutual commitment to addressing humanitarian challenges within the realm of women affairs.

With Mr. Lugard’s positive reception and willingness to collaborate, it signifies a promising step forward in leveraging collective efforts towards impactful initiatives. The exchange of pleasantries and expressions of gratitude underscored the spirit of partnership and shared dedication to making a difference in the lives of women, further solidifying the bonds between both entities as they embark on their collaborative journey.

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