African Agriculture Inc. Receives Computer Donation From Sportradar Group To Empower Education In Senegal Schools

African Agriculture, Inc. (Nasdaq: AAGR), a pioneering company operating a commercial-scale alfalfa farm in Senegal and dedicated to food security for the coming century, announced that it teamed up with global sports technology company Sportradar to supply computers to primary and secondary schools in rural communities in northern Senegal.

This educational initiative has set up computer study rooms for students to access the internet and will contribute to closing the digital literacy gap in Senegal. World Bank country-level studies on Nigeria, Senegal, and Tanzania have analyzed the impact of mobile internet availability (3G or 4G coverage) on jobs, including the poor and most vulnerable. Studies show that internet availability and more sophisticated digital technologies lead to more and better jobs for lower-income, lower-skilled people, reducing poverty.

“Collaborating with Sportradar aligns with our goals for community development and educational empowerment,” said Alan Kessler, CEO and Founder of African Agriculture, Inc. “Supplying computers to rural schools in Senegal bridges gaps in education and technology. Together, we’re unlocking a brighter future for the next generation and empowering African farmers and communities, driving local economic growth and the green revolution—an embodiment of African Agriculture’s mission.”

“We are pleased to collaborate with African Agriculture, Inc. to equip schools in rural northern Senegal with computers, “said Kyle Burnette, Director of IT Operations, who led the initiative at Sportradar. “By establishing these computer study rooms and providing internet access, we’re fostering an enhanced educational landscape for Senegalese students. This collaboration underscores our belief in leveraging technology to empower the next generation, enabling them to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.”

In response to the global demand driven by an expected population surge to 9.6 billion by 2050, African Agriculture’s mission is to harness Africa’s abundant natural resources, and significantly boost food and protein supply. The strategic development of advanced Alfalfa farms in Senegal epitomizes African Agriculture’s commitment to optimizing agricultural yields and harvests, thereby contributing to a sustainable future while meeting the growing global need for food security.

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