Africa businesses must leverage technology to upscale – Olatunde

Samson Olatunde, founder, Knowledge Digest Africa (KDA), has urged business owners across Africa to leverage technology in upscaling their businesses.

Olatunde’s company, a one stop digital knowledge bank platform, recently received an award as one of the country’s top 100 fastest growing small, medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in 2023.

Speaking in Lagos, recently after receiving the BusinessDay top 100 Performing SMEs 2023 award, Olatunde said Africa businessmen need to do more in leveraging technology to upscale.

“This year, we have added new features, but in 2024, we are working assiduously to improve the contents more because we have observed that our audiences are changing. So, in response to these needs we will keep improving the site with more robust digital content tailored to meet the needs of youth, career professionals and entrepreneurs,” he said.

According to him, KDA is Africa’s most diversified knowledge sharing and learning platform where people of diverse backgrounds converge to connect, educate and empower one another about trends and possibilities of technology to the future of work and businesses in Africa in order to maintain global relevance.

“The project is aimed at building Africa’s largest one stop digital knowledge bank by African founders for African businesses, while creating easily-digestible, timeless content for the next wave of business leaders to create trans-generational wealth and lasting relevance,” Olatunde stated.

Olatunde, who has been in the tech industry in the last 15 years, founded Knowledge Digest Africa to bridge the gap between digital information and businesses across the continent. Also, KDA has been consistent with downloadable digital content, reaching over 1000 views on a daily basis.

“With this award, it clearly shows that what we started some years back is working and people see the value propositions we are bringing to the table. But one thing you must understand is that we will keep aiming high until people embrace the KDA as their digital bank for information,” Olatunde stated.

Olatunde, the alumnus of Pan Atlantic University, Lagos, is a certified UK life coach, management consultant Canada, and small business consultant, Texas USA.

Synonymous with equipping young Africans, he regularly organises his flagship ‘Digital CEO Tribe’ and Africa’s Community of Digital Savvy Professionals. He also holds Digital Wealth Creation Summit, which exposes participants to legitimate digital wealth creation channels and future-of-work opportunities.

Through the Digital CEO Tribe, Olatunde pushes his vision to help businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond drive for enhanced business performance and profitability, while leveraging 21st century’s digital tools.

Meanwhile, over the years, Samson Olatunde execution of digital marketing campaigns for brands across different industries has seen him transversing the continent in offering strategic advice for startups.

In his new drive for empowering startups with his professional competences, he founded Samson Olatunde Foundation, which aims to become Africa’s foremost solution NGO with a mandate to transform Africa through education and enterprise using ICT.

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