In a dazzling display of commitment to education, leadership, climate-change and societal impact, the Prince Sadat Change-Makers Foundation (PSF) has garnered two prestigious accolades at the 2023 African Education Awards.

Awarded the “Student Foundation/NGO of the Year” and “CSR of the Year,” the foundation, has once again affirmed its position as a leading force in youth development, leadership and climate-change action.

Founded by Prince Amadu Anuwar-Sadat, a dynamic individual who has consistently demonstrated dedication to educational and societal causes, the PSF has rapidly evolved into a leading institute focused on youth development, leadership and climate-change action. The visionary founder of the PSF,

has been a beacon of excellence in his personal academic journey, receiving the “Best Student in Law” award in 2022 and the “African Student of the Year,” “Student Political Activist of the Year,” and “Student Leader of the Year” in 2021 at the same African Education Awards. These accolades underscore Prince Sadat’s dedication to academic prowess, activism, and leadership.

Adding to the foundation’s achievements, Mr. Kwasi A. Sarpong (Andre), the Acting Executive Director, received the awards on behalf of the PSF at the prestigious event at the Wesley Towers in Accra, the capital city. His role in representing the foundation reflects the collective effort and commitment of the PSF’s leadership in driving positive change. He used the opportunity to thank the entire team and volunteers for their effort in winning the two awards.

The PSF’s commitment to shaping the minds of young leaders and promoting all the sustainable development goals (SDGs), particularly Zero Hunger (Goal 2), Quality Education (Goal 4), Gender Equality (Goal 5) and Climate Change (Goal 13), has been the cornerstone of its success. Through leadership training, mentoring, and public awareness initiatives, the foundation continues to impact lives and communities.

Receiving the “Student Foundation/NGO of the Year” and “CSR of the Year” awards at the 2023 African Education Awards is a testament to the PSF’s unwavering dedication to education and social responsibility. These honors recognize the foundation’s role in building the capacity of change-makers and its significant contributions to environmental awareness and humanitarian works.

It’s worth noting that Prince Sadat’s influential leadership roles at Wisconsin University TESCON contributed to the institution winning the “Political Student Group of the Year” at the same African Education Awards in 2021. This dual success exemplifies the positive influence the foundation and its founder have had on the education sector.

As the PSF continues to be a global hub for youth leaders, the foundation remains committed to providing opportunities, platforms, and tools for youth to engage in national and international conversations. Prince Sadat’s vision and leadership, combined with the dedication of the PSF team, positions the foundation as a trailblazer for positive change and sustainable development.

The Prince Sadat Change-Makers Foundation’s recent awards highlight its exceptional contributions to education, leadership, and social impact. The recent awards not only celebrate its current achievements but also highlight the promising trajectory for the future. Prince Sadat’s vision and commitment, coupled with the foundation’s relentless pursuit of excellence, position it as a beacon of hope for a future generation dedicated to positive change and sustainable development.