25th Anniversary Book

As part of our 25th anniversary celebrations, we published our first book about the work we do!

The book has been professionally printed and bound and comprises more than 150 pages containing information about our history, stories about the people who make Mefou the special place it is, and, of course, lots of photos of the beautiful primates we are so privileged to care for.

This initial run of the book sold out, but we now have 30 more copies available and ready to ship. All profits from the sale of the book will go directly towards our running costs and the lifelong care of all of the primates at Mefou.

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I was eagerly awaiting my edition of Ape Action Africa: The First 25 Years and I was thrilled when the book finally arrived. It is a fascinating read, explaining the origins and history of the sanctuary, and talks about some of the animals and caregivers in detail as well as some of the defining moments during these past 25 years, giving an extraordinary insight into sanctuary life.

What a beautiful collection of photos, bringing so clearly to life, the operations of the primate sanctuary Ape Action Africa. To look into the faces of those primates, so beautiful, now thankfully safe, living in sanctuary, to look into their eyes and to remember they have survived so much and have been robbed of their natural life in the forest with their families.

These animals were rescued and have had to build new families with other orphans. These photos remind us of how important it is to try to preserve these animals in their natural habitat, to educate people about preserving Cameroons stunning natural heritage.

I am so glad to have this book and I highly recommend it to others.

Jenny Brown

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