2 Bodies Sign MOU to Research Into Climate Change Mitigation

The Rural Urban Partnership for Africa (RUPFA) Ghana has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with African Research Center to promote the funding and implementation of a research project on climate change mitigation, biodiversity restoration and sustainable livelihoods in Ghana.

RUPFA Ghana is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) established to ensure the reverse of rural urban migration, poverty alleviation and promote self-reliance through community development and environmental protection, while the African Research Center researches into environmental protection, community development and management of natural resources in Ghana.

The MOU would focus on integrating awareness creation and sensitization programme forming as one of the component of the environmental education to enhance sustainable development.

Additionally, it would ensure sustainable management of land with traditional authorities through stakeholders meetings, to address the dwindling state of lands for ecosystem conservation and conduct baseline survey to inform decisions at all level or stages of the project within the affected areas to promote sustainability of the project.

It would further identify the threats on activities that were detrimental to the environment and need attention.

Signing the MOU in Accra, the Executive Director of RUPFA, Richard Ashaley emphasised the need to give attention to the land management and administration in the country.

He explained that failure to ensure effective management could lead to the destruction of the environment and livelihoods in the face of increased population and unemployment.

He said the project would ensure livelihoods were transformed for the better due to increased food security and agribusiness as well as enhanced access to economic empowerment.

Mr Ashley noted that the project would ensure sustainable income generating activities that would contribute to climate change mitigation, and restore biodiversity, thereby ensuring vegetation covers were protected and water bodies safe to drink.

Prof. Emmanuel Teitey, Country Director of African Research Center confirmed the organisation was committed to improving the ecosystem and livelihood situation in the different areas of operations for both organisations.

He said the partnership would push for effective usage of land to make land available for future industralisation drive and development.

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