The work must continue … Equity & Innovation for Africa’s Recovery hosted their first hybrid event on 23 June 2022. The event featured a roundtable discussion live from the Intare Conference Center, Gasabo Room in Kigali, Rwanda.  Five panelists came together to promote equity & innovation through health, science and technology in Africa, while also highlighting how to remove barriers facing so many African women and girls.

The panelists were in Kigali taking part in sideline events of the 26th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, and the Kigali Summit on Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases. Though our time was limited to just under 1-hour, the discussion was full of candor, openness and sincerity.

If you missed the event, we invite you to watch the recorded video below and then scroll down this page to see our poll results.

Poll Results conducted several live polls during the hybrid event on Thursday. Attendees were asked to participate from their smartphone or computer to enter their response to several questions during and after the event. The results are revealed below.

When asked to select what they thought was most important when addressing the barriers that women and girls face, the poll revealed that ensuring women have a seat at the leadership table is most important. Second is economic & recovery growth plans, followed by health, and access to digital financial tools.

The next poll asked attendees to voice their opinion to determine which of four issues they believe to be the most urgent in Africa. 37% said that economic development is the most pressing issue, 35% peace & security, 15% climate change and 13% gender justice.

When asked to what extent do you agree that women and girls must be at the forefront of efforts for a fast and fair recovery, a huge 62% strongly agreed.

Lastly, participants were asked to express how they feel when thinking about the future.  The poll revealed that 50% are happy but cautious about the outlook for Africa and 25% are extremely encouraged.

You can participate in polls by opening your smartphone or computer and typing in the address

We hope that you are inspired to represent the change that is needed for women and girls across the continent, and around the globe.

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