The Society for the Promotion of People`s Right, an NGO, has urged all tiers of government and relevant stakeholders to improve on water management and increase climate resilience.

Mr Williams Osaze, President of the organisation made the urge in an interview with newsmen on Saturday in Abuja.

He said that government and relevant stakeholders should as well put more efforts in ensuring that Nigerians have access to clean water and a conducive environment.

According to him, while climate is an important factor driving water stress in the country, poor management of water resources and services is the biggest challenge.

“As climate change makes rainfall more erratic and increases the risks of floods and droughts, investing in better water management and infrastructure is becoming even more important.

“The impact of climate change on people’s water supplies is being overlooked. Unless urgent action is taken to help the communities adjust to changing weather patterns.

“These investments can strengthen economies. When targeted at the poorest people, they offer a triple surplus, alleviating poverty, supporting jobs and growth, and reducing vulnerability to climate change,’’ he said.

Ozase said that climate change was making it more difficult for vulnerable people to rely on having clean water.

He said that poor access to clean water could lead to unclean environment as well causing sicknesses and diseases, thereby leading to death.

He urged the government and stakeholders to be committed to providing a healthy environment and recognise the critical role clean water plays in various communities.

The president said that access to clean water and a healthy environment would help communities cope with climate change and recovering quickly from related extreme weather.

He described water as a fundamental human right and an essential step towards improving living standards.

He, however, called on other meaningful Nigerians to support the government by providing clean water, decent toilets, healthy environment and good hygiene to promote healthy living to the citizens.

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