Conservation Through Poverty Alleviation, International

Discover the Wealth in Conservation:

At CPALI, we work with rural farmers to develop sustainable livelihoods that support both people and ecosystems. In our approach, we focus on existing resources, local leadership, community ownership and linking partners to global markets.   In addition, our enterprise conservation program has developed an online site to sell products made by the team.  Tanana Silk ( is the only producer of cocoon silk in the world – help us support the Malagasy and conserve one of the most magical islands in the world, Madagascar


CPALI’s sustainable livelihoods program seeks to connect people and resources in a mutually beneficial way. Through our work, we develop conservation solutions that are sustainable, inclusive, and driven by local communities.

Locally organized teams of farmers cultivate native resources that CPALI markets abroad. Farmers are earning tangible benefits from the land that they steward while recovering degraded habitats and building the border forest of the Makira Protected Area.


TANANA SILK was organized by CPALI to sell products made by the the SEPALI Madagascar workshop.  It is an online market site that sells wholesale products to qualified buyers as well as retail products.  All of the profits from the sales are retuned to support SEPALI’s conservation mission poverty alleviation.  Tanana silk publishes a bi-weekly newsletter as well as specials on instagram (tananasilk),  twitter (@silk_ta) and Facebook (wildsilkmarkets).

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