Ango Festival Foundation Celebrates With Freedom Foundation

Freedom Foundation is a non-profit organization, committed to addressing the ever-mounting and staggering challenges in our society by empowering individuals who are plagued by various categories of social and economic challenges. Freedom Foundation’s model of Rehabilitation, Education and Empowerment is augmented by research and awareness promotion. We actively partner with the Government, other NGOs, civil society organizations and corporate institutions to ensure the delivery of human services at the greatest points of impact.

At Freedom Foundation, we believe that everyone has the right to live freely, free from addictions, free from sex slavery, free from ignorance and free from poverty.

Our Mission is to reach out, give hope, Rehabilitate, Educate and Empower impoverished persons in Nigeria through community-based programs and initiatives in order to achieve individual and community transformation.

Our target population segments are the socially and economically disadvantaged and vulnerable men, women and children within our society.

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