African NGO Festival Celebrates African-British in Diaspora Returnees Organisation

African-British in Diaspora Returnees Organization is a registered Non-Profitable Organization of Social Networking in the activities of providing Rehabilitation, Emigration, immigration, migration and Resettlement with Consultancy-allied services to the Returning Africans to their various countries from the United Kingdom-Britain after a reasonable period of Overseas Sojourn.

African-British in Diaspora Returnees Organization is Socio-philanthropic organisation project where we recycle back to Humanity the Blessings of The Almighty God in our Lives, back to the Societies of the less Privileges “a social-networking organization” for selected Returning Africans in Diaspora.

African NGO Festival Celebrates you for your relentless impact in Nigeria. Keep up the good work, Africa needs more of your voluntary services

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