Africa NGOs unite to push road safety agenda

Road Safety NGOs from 25 countries in Africa have joined forces to push the road safety agenda in the continent.

Under the Africa Chapter of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety, the NGOs will work together to monitor governments’ and international agencies’ progress on road safety commitments.

They will also push for ratification of the Africa Road Safety Charter which has been signed by 10 countries.

“The NGOs will push for ratification by 15 countries, the critical minimum number for implementation of the Charter,” read a statement released by the NGOs.

They united also in pledging to advocate for the 30km/h speed limits in urban areas and near schools.

“NGOs will advocate for 30km/h limits in urban areas at local, national, and regional levels in both the short term, through the UN Global Road Safety Week, and the medium term to achieve policy change, implementation, and enforcement,” read the statement.

The African Chapter held the first virtual meeting of 25th February, 2021 where the need to join forces to amplify their advocacy voices with their respective governments was emphasised.

“One of the problems that we experience is that governments don’t really recognize us. By working together as a group, it gives us a huge advantage,” said Horst Heimstadt, Private Sector Road Safety Forum, Namibia.

Bright Oywaya of ASIRT Kenya said: “You can only make an impact if people realize that there is actually a force behind you. As an individual, you can be listened to but the impact may be very little.”

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