Action In Africa

Our Mission

Action In Africa is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the United States, and Community Based Organization that operates a thriving community center in Nakuwadde, Uganda.

We believe that sustainable impact starts with local leadership, that’s why we’re a community-led organization dedicated to advancing the economic and personal development of women and children in the community of Nakuwadde, Uganda, through greater access to education and other life-changing resources.

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Why Uganda?

Despite great progress in reducing countrywide poverty, Uganda remains one of the poorest nations in the world. In a country where chronic poverty is the backdrop to society, there are critical shortcomings in its developmental policies related to human rights, these include: inadequate investments in food security, mental health, women’s rights, and education. Uganda is a place that can benefit from additional resources, which we make available through the programs at our community center.




Through education children are set up to thrive in all areas of life, for this reason we have developed the Primary Partnership Program. The PPP is administered through carefully selected primary partner schools, and at the AIA community center. It includes a nutrition intervention program, thoughtfully curated classroom instruction that complements the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education and Sports, an after school program, and weekly Primary Leaving Exam preparatory classes.

This program is designed to complement, and in many cases supplement, the educational opportunities for primary-age children in Nakuwadde. This program works directly with local schools, teachers, and parents, to provide holistic, gender-inclusive educational programming that ensures children in the community have access to the resources they need to learn and grow.

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A holistic, gender-inclusive program for local children who may not be enrolled in primary school. There are few places in Uganda where children can go to learn to play the ukulele, take a yoga class, or learn how to read for free – AIA is that place. The after school program is one of the oldest and most diverse programs at the AIA community center. With more than 100 children attending every day this program has a dramatic impact in the local community.

With freedom to explore their interests we believe our creative programs give children the opportunity to have fun while learning in a safe, inclusive environment. The objective of this program is to create a space for children to have access to a healthy meal, and to participate in the interactive classes designed to provide educational stimulation to children who may not be in school during the day.



Through our secondary and university scholarship programs, AIA awards merit-based scholarships to 25 graduating Primary 7 students, and five graduating Secondary 6 students every year. In the last five years AIA has awarded 503 secondary scholarships, 56% of which were awarded to girls, and 10 university scholarships, 60% of which were awarded to young women.

The Action In Africa Secondary & University Scholarship Programs are designed for the students who successfully complete the national examinations administered by the Ministry of Education & Sports. Once students have passed the examination, Action In Africa works with the teachers at our partner schools to identify scholarship candidates. By working in partnership with schools and awarding annual merit-based secondary and university scholarships, our programs are designed to have a long-term impact in Nakuwadde.



Action in Africa’s Women-to-Women program is a holistic initiative that provides women of the community with free access to educational opportunities designed to empower them with skills they can use in every aspect of their lives. It is composed of a diverse array of free classes and educational opportunities including adult English classes, computer classes, a weekly support group, first aid training, agricultural classes, family planning and personal finance workshops, a savings program, and access to a licensed counselor.

Members come together every Friday at the center to enjoy breakfast while they discuss the challenges and opportunities they are currently facing with our licensed counselor, Robinah. Guest speakers often visit to engage the women in thoughtful dialogue around various topics, and members partake in the many additional opportunities offered as part of this program. We believe that living in community is vital to the mental health of the women in Uganda.

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Action In Africa strives to provide comprehensive services that meet a range of needs expressed by the Nakuwadde community. In partnership with Alive Medical Services, an Uganda-based organization, we coordinate semi-annual medical outreach events at the community center. These events work to make sure the physical and mental health needs of the individuals in our community are being met. All the services are free.

Each event draws hundreds of people and the services available include: confidential HIV testing, mental health counseling, deworming, anti-malarial medication, and haircuts!



Action In Africa’s community library is the first – and only – library in the village. As a community-led organization we have created programs built around the community, not a community built around our programs, and one of the community needs we’ve addressed was to create a library. Students and community members have access to thousands of books they can enjoy at any given time. This library also provides textbooks and curriculum resources for our Primary Partnership Program, which teachers regularly utilize for lesson planning.

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